• IGC Children's Book Picks

    We picked our favorite children's books for you!  in good company loves using children's books as cards when attending baby showers or a child...
  • Baby Nursery: 5 Steps

    Creating Your Nursery Setting up your nursery can feel like an overwhelming task. From your social media feeds, it can feel like everyone has a perfectly curated nursery done by a professional. This post is to help you break down your nursery set up step by step.
  • 5 Essentials For Your Hospital Bag

    You may pack like us - 14 bags later and you are ready for your two day trip. So trust us, we understand if you want to bring 3 duffle bags to the hospital, but we are breaking down your 5 MUST HAVES for your hospital bag. Our list will prepare you for baby while still having room in your car to bring home a newborn.