5 Essentials For Your Hospital Bag

Pack your hospital bag like a pro

You may pack like us - 14 bags later and you are ready for your two-day trip. So trust us, we understand if you want to bring 3 duffle bags to the hospital, but we are breaking down your 5 MUST HAVES for your hospital bag. Our list will prepare you for a baby while still having room in your car to bring home a newborn.
1. Recovery Items for Mama - Yes, the hospital will have lots of items for you but you will probably need a little something extra to care of yourself. 
- Chapstick
- Favorite Essential Oils to put on YOUR pillow (see below)
- Socks 
- Underwear
2. Baby Onesie/Sleeper - We know you are dying to put baby in that adorable matching two piece for the perfect first baby photo but a zipper onesie is just as wonderful. No need to mess around with all those extra buttons, just get yourself a one zip wonder. 
3. Snacks - No one likes a HANGRY mama! Pack your favorite yummies to snack on either before birth or after. Comfort foods from home are essential in the hospital. 
- Protein bar
- Yummy juice (if you have an epidural you haven't eaten in HOURS...which when you're in labor can feel like DAYS) 
- Water Bottle
4. Pillow - Bring a piece of home to keep you comfortable. Plus, every nurse we ran into said, hospital pillows stink, so we'll just leave it at that! 
5. Baby Blanket/Swaddle - Depending on how long you will be there you will want to bring a blanket or swaddle from home to keep baby cozy and warm - that is when you aren't snuggling that little nugget. 

- A cute swaddle also helps will making hospital photos cute
- If you were gifted a little hat/beanie, we recommend that too! 


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