What's inside the IGC Boobie Box?

Can we be honest?

Although every mama’s breastfeeding journey is different, it is almost always a challenging venture. Both physically and mentally demanding, breastfeeding often leaves one feeling sore, bruised and drained (quite literally). Fortunately, our IGC Boobie Box comprises the perfect “breastfeeding kit”, curated to support nursing mommas at any stage!


BKR Glass Water Bottle

It can be tricky ensuring that your milk supply meets the demands of your little one. As breastmilk is believed to be about 90% water, it's recommended that nursing mothers drink 128 ounces per day! This beautifully pastel pink, 250ML glass and silicone water bottle is up for the task.

BKR founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler are adamant believers in the crucial role hydration plays in one’s internal and external wellness. Equally dedicated to tackling the dangerous implications of single use plastics, you can be assured that BKR’s fun bottle designs are sustainable and eco-friendly!

Keababies Organic Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding (14 pack)

As all breastfeeding moms know, leakage can be difficult to avoid and even harder to remove from clothing. Stay dry all day long with the Keababies Organic Nursing Pads, crafted from ultra soft bamboo and a waterproof outer covering. With a total of four layers for maximum absorption, these slip-in pads can withstand even the heaviest of leakages. What’s more, the innovative inclusion of organic bamboo is both odor-masking and baby safe, so your little one can latch on anytime, anywhere.

IGC Boobie Box - pads

Enjoy what some mammas are calling a “non-negotiable must have!” 

Keababies Nursing Pads are proudly reusable, and are washing machine safe. Keababies is a family-owned company, founded by Janet, a professional babywearing educator, and her husband, Ivan. Motivated by their mission of raising a happy, healthy, and earth-conscious next generation, Keababies solely produces sustainable pregnancy and baby products. 

Earth Mama’s Booby Tubes

Earth Mama’s Booby Tubes are innovative, spiral-shaped cotton packs stuffed with natural flaxseed. When heated, these gel-free breast pads encourage milk flow and comfort symptoms of infection. When cooled, the pads provide blissful relief by reducing swelling and tenderness. As an added bonus, Earth Mama Booby Tubes are incredibly versatile, and may also be used to comfort swollen ankles, upset stomachs, and tired muscles! 


Warm Booby Tubes® in your microwave for 20-40 seconds, and apply as desired. Or, store in the freezer and wear them inside your bra between feedings. Enjoy! 

How do I clean my Booby Tubes®?

Wipe the organic cotton with a damp cloth. Refrain from washing via machine, as submergence in water may cause the organic flax seeds to sprout!

Earth Mama Organics was formed out of founder Melinda Olson’s dedication to extracting the miraculous healing powers of herbal plants. Simultaneously advocating for the good of the human body and the good of the earth, Earth Mama Organics is committed to producing organic, chemical free products. After all, nature is their pharmacy! 

Tiny Human Supply Nipple Crack

Feeling dry, cracked or sore? Allow our buttery-soft Nipple Balm (frequently coined “heaven in a jar”) to come to your rescue! This incredibly addictive, fast-acting balm is composed of premium organic ingredients. Its lightweight formula assures that no greasy residue will be left on your clothing, and its absence of odor and taste means that the ointment doesn't need washing off prior to breastfeeding! Nothing but around-the-clock relief without the hassle. 


Pro tip - Our nipple balm may also be repurposed as lip balm and/or baby lotion. 

Tiny Human Supply is a family company committed to celebrating the wonderful - and exceptionally challenging - experiences parents encounter every day in tiny human land. Besides holding each of their products to high regulatory standards, Tiny Human Supply believes in doing good and giving back. To date, they have donated over 5,000 products to parents in need, and provided over 10,000 meals to hungry families. 


Leaf Logic Lactation Tea (Caffeine Free) 

Exuding sweet, aromatic notes, the Leaf Logic Lactation Tea makes for the perfect blend to sip on as you nurse your little one. Nutty fenugreek and soothing chamomile make up this delicious concoction, ingredients which have been known to promote higher milk quality and increase milk production for centuries. With every sip, mama enjoys a delicious mug of tranquility and baby receives a healthy base for their life-long nutrition!

Guided by the principles of stewardship, solution, and sustainability, woman-owned Leaf Logic Tea crafts each of their delicious blends around wellness and relaxation. Tried and true, Leaf Logic founder Abby attributes the Lactation Tea to helping her de-stress as she navigated her own tumultuous fourth trimester. 

Want to see the Boobie Box visit the boobie box page - it's the tits! 


boobie box
boobie box- must have for mom

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