What's inside the IGC Belly Box?

What's inside the IGC Belly Box? 

Our Belly Box is bumpin’! 

Within your In Good Company Belly Box, you will find everything a growing or contracting belly needs to feel supported and comforted. Whether your little one is on their way or has already arrived, you are navigating a physically demanding journey. Take some time to relax and heal, super mom! 


Mother Mother “Everything” Oil (Best Selling) 

The "everything" oil is great as a facial serum or body oil. It has an uplifting scent, with a liquid velvet feel. Cranberry seed, pomegranate, marula, borage, and baobab oils provide essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Mother Mother Oil leaves skin feeling hydrated, nourished & cared for. 

Our magical Everything Oil is sourced from Mother Mother, an eco-friendly and  woman-owned organization. As this conscious business frequently donates to groups that work to end the Black maternal health crisis, you can feel just as good about supporting Mother Mother as you do using their velvety smooth formula. Often described as “liquid gold”, the Mother Mother Everything Oil is a self-care must-have. 

Organic Herbal Sitz Bath

The incredibly soothing herbal sitz bath from Earth Mama Organics helps pregnant and postpartum mamas take care “down there.” Each box contains six individual easy-to-use sachets, filled with a unique blend of organic herbs to help reduce swelling and speed the healing of pre-and-postnatal perineal discomfort, including hemorrhoids. Simply brew and cool, and your sitz bath is ready to go! After brewing, feel free to recycle the sachets by placing them in the fridge, creating cooling postpartum “padsicle” compresses for sore lady parts. Ahhh…

Earth Mama Organics was formed out of founder Melinda Olson’s dedication to extracting the miraculous healing powers of herbal plants. Simultaneously advocating for the good of the human body and the good of the earth, Earth Mama Organics is committed to producing organic, chemical free products. After all, nature is their pharmacy! 

Leaf Logic Pregnancy Tea

Delicately herbal and caffeine-free, the Leaf Logic Pregnancy Tea is sure to warm and calm you with notes of sweet raspberry leaf, tangy lemon balm, soothing peppermint, and gentle ginger. Crafted with both prenatal and postpartum mothers in mind, this tea blend offers uterine support, alleviates nausea, calms the digestive system, and soothes heartburn. 

Guided by the principles of stewardship, solution, and sustainability, the woman-owned company of Leaf Logic Tea crafts each of its delicious blends around wellness and relaxation. Tried and true, Leaf Logic Tea founder Abby adored this tea during her own pregnancy journey! 

Keababies Pregnancy Support Belt (Two Sizes Available) 

Rated the best belly support band for pregnancy, Keababies’ soft, lightweight, & breathable belt is made of mesh and adjustable velcro. In addition to providing ergonomic weight distribution and abdominal muscle support, this support belt soothes round ligament pain, lower back pains, and pelvic floor pains. 

Whether your baby bump is beginning to cause you physical stress or your postpartum tummy needs a little extra support, the Kebabies Pregnancy Support Belt offers the perfect relief. The only complaint? Most moms wish they’d found it sooner! 

Keababies is a family-owned company, founded by Janet, a pediatric sleep consultant and a professional babywearing educator, and her husband, Ivan. Motivated by their mission of raising a happy, healthy, and earth-conscious next generation, Keababies solely produces sustainable pregnancy and baby products. 



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