celebrate expecting 
employees with

corporate gifting


custom & signature boxes available!

our partners

in good company partners with corporations and companies who are committed to celebrating motherhood. We offer custom gifting, gift cards, and in home delivery for all of our pregnancy and postpartum collections. 

custom gifting

we offer custom gift collections from $ to $$$ - making our curated collections personal to your employees and your budget

signature collections shipped to their door

you know the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." we like to think of our pregancy and postpartum collections this way. curated by mamas for mamas, all of our boxes can be gifted to an employee with a custom gift message and shipped directly to their door.


can't decide on the perfect box? give the gift of a giftcard and let mama choose the signature collection that's right for her.

why gift 
the in good company way?


We make it easy for you. You tell us what you want and we take care of the rest. 


You will no longer have to make sure everyone's gifts are the same price. With a menu of items to choose from you can be certain your gifting is equittable to all new mamas. 


We ship anywhere in the United States so your employees can receive their in good company box right to their door. 


Do you have an idea just waiting for in good company to take it and run with it? We'd love to hear it!

happy companies = happy mamas

"IRG is thrilled to connect with “in good company” to intentionally support our growing work family. Our best asset is our people at IRG and supporting them on this next step in their journey was a no-brainer. Our mamas take care of our patients every day and these boxes help take care of them at their most vulnerable time." - IRG Executive


  1. Q. Where do your boxes ship?
    A: We ship anywhere in the USA. 
  2. Q. How do you customize each box?
    A: The world is your oyster. We customize boxes in a variety of ways from what's inside to how the gift message is written. 
  3. Q. How long does it take to receive my order? 
    A: Typically fulfillment take 3-5 days and we offer several shipping options for companies. For local companies we even hand deliver large orders (we roll out the red carpet!)
  4. Q. How do I start gifting with in good company?
    A: Send us an email at hello@ingoodcompany.com to start your corporate gifting!