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    We picked our favorite children's books for you!  in good company loves using children's books as cards when attending baby showers or a child...
  • Baby Nursery: 5 Steps

    Creating Your Nursery Setting up your nursery can feel like an overwhelming task. From your social media feeds, it can feel like everyone has a perfectly curated nursery done by a professional. This post is to help you break down your nursery set up step by step.
  • It must be called postpartum because 'weeks of leaky tits and adult diapers' is too long

    Let me paint the picture. Your photographer comes over to your house for a beautiful newborn shoot. While getting your child dressed in the most angelic ensemble, you are going through your closet wondering which outfit you can lactate in and still be able to get the stains out of and what pants won’t accentuate the diaper lines on your booty.