What is a postpartum kit? 


A postpartum kit is a collection of items for the mother after giving birth. These items are typically medical in nature focused on healing the body. These recovery products can include special underwear, pads, ice packs, ointments, and more. 

Postpartum Kit Essentials


You might wonder why you would need a special type of underwear for postpartum and this is because you will need something expandable and breathable for early on postpartum. Often you will have a stack of items in your underwear helping with the healing process and catching the blood/other bodily fluids. We recommend reusable mesh underwear since this part of postpartum can last a couple weeks or SEVERAL. 


The pads sit in the mesh underwear often having items applied to the top of them like a pain spray or witch hazel pads. The sandwich formula that I used  postpartum went like this…

Mesh Underwear
Pain Spray
Witch Hazel Pads

postpartum recovery

Ice Packs:

It can be really helpful to have NOT JUST ANY OLD ICE PACK…a slim ice pack that you can easily fit between your legs or on the cesarean incision is a must- ice, ice (the location) baby. 

Peri Bottle:

Say no to wiping for the immediate future. In order to keep your downstairs clean, you will use a peri bottle (hand-held squirt bottle). The design does matter here- you want it to have an extra long head and upside-down design to help with the bottle have its squirt power. Peri bottles offer soothing relief from UTI, hemorrhoids, yeast infection, and menstrual bleeding. Use it to clean a newborn’s bum, too! 

Products for dry/damaged skin:

It’s so secret that hospitals are super dry and often mamas going through labor and delivery the hospital need a high quality chapstick to help keep the cracked lips at bay.

Your body has undergone some huge changes… your ORGANS MOVED for heaven sake! So your skin (in a variety of areas) is going to need some TLC from your post baby bump belly to battle wounds from delivery. 

Are you, your partner, or a friend expecting? We have an amazing curated postpartum kit - The Recovery Box has only the highest quality and safe products that you need and deserve. 

Trust us, your downstairs or your incision will be thankful. 

Recovery Birth Box

In Good Company postpartum kit includes:

Mother Mother Postpartum Underwear (5 pack)
Magic underwear is your postpartum must-have. They are made of cloth-like breathable mesh that ensures your postpartum pad stays in place. Although designed for short-term use, they feel like regular underwear and can be washed many times. 

Rael Overnight Organic Pads (10 count)
Crafted with plush organic cotton and a super absorbent leak locker core, our pads keep you dry and comfy during your period like it was any other day. Made with responsibly sourced certified organic cotton from Texas for your peace of mind. Made without harsh chemicals that irritate and inflame your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens.

Belly Bandit V COOL Ice Packs
Reusable Hot & Cold Perineal Gel Pack brings instant ahhh... where new moms need it most – down there! Non-Toxic and Latex-Free Includes 2-soothing gel packs and 10 disposable covers. Great for: vaginal discomfort, hemorrhoids, c-section incision irritation, & postpartum pain/swelling.

Next 9 Months Peri Bottle
Providing postpartum relief for your tender parts is now easier than ever! Our perineal bottle ensures comfort with its upside-down design and extra-long head. As ideal postpartum gifts for mom, peri bottles offer soothing relief from UTI, hemorrhoids, yeast infection, and menstrual bleeding. Use it to clean a newborn’s bum, too!

Lavender Thorne Honeydew Balm
Perfect for everything from stretch marks, to hemorrhoids, to rashes, to burns, and MORE. 

The Best Kind Lip Balm
Restorative lip treatment with a nourishing blend of oils and butters. Our smooth formula instantly melts onto lips and provides long-lasting protection.


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