The Rainbow Box

Moms launch curated gifts for women experiencing pregnancy loss and miscarriage called The Rainbow Box

The Rainbow Box is in good company’s largest labor of love  - a gift box for women experiencing pregnancy loss.  With an estimation of 1 in 8 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, the numbers are far too common. From the beginning, in good company has shared a commitment to inclusivity and transparency with boxes focused on postpartum care and birth, but with a common mission of supporting women on whatever their journey is. This box is to support women. Period. 

Having dealt with pregnancy loss and fertility challenges themselves, both Shannon and Christine are all too familiar with this topic. In what can be a very lonely experience, their goal is to support women in their darkest times. 

While extremely triggering, they feel that sharing their story and experiences with other women reminds them they aren’t alone. The Rainbow Box does just that with a balance of comfort and practicality -- giving women 4 things to take care of themselves. Self-care could not be more essential. 

Many of the boxes at in good company are a celebration of motherhood but they felt called to support women in the tough moments as well. Their philosophy that women aren’t alone and that they are in good company could not be truer in this moment.  

After the storm settles, The Rainbow Box brings color to the darkest of times.

Rainbow box - box for pregnancy loss
miscarriage box





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