Building our business- 2021 Recap

Check out our monthly overview of 2021 - with the high of each month and maybe some surprises along the way. 


We (legally) started our company with the knowledge that we both struggled postpartum, not prepared to care for our own recovery and a newborn at the same time. So we started with surveying other mamas to gather information on their experience, how their community supported them (or didn’t), and what they received vs what they needed. After comparing experiences, it was clear that we should continue forward and the box curation process began. 

Haven't had a chance to share? Submit your survey response here


After MANY name iterations, we landed on In Good Company. It incorporated so much of our mission. We were forming partnerships with companies who were also committed to be organic, safe/non toxic, and eco-friendly. These partners are in good company with us; we’re proud to have their products in our boxes. 

For fun-sies, I put one our initial logo mock ups below (yes, we designed it ourselves ;). 


Old / bad logo



I will never forget this day- one of our first in person meetings regarding IGC- to this point we have build the business over evening FaceTime calls... which little didn't we know we would be the norm going forward to this day.

We met on my back porch (because Covid) and we bought our URL. This was the first money we spent on the business. 

Shannon- In Good Company


It started feeling real in April when we did our product photos with Brooke Fitts Photography. In a cool neighborhood in Seattle, we took our co-founder pics, unboxing, flatlays and a few bump pics! (Although we were having TOO MUCH FUN and one of our cars got towed…oops.)  Special thanks to our amazing models and friends- Megan and Chelsea with their precious baby bumps. (side note: our models also became our uber drivers to the tow lot.)

Brook Fitts Photographt


We pushed to get ready to launch our business in time for Mother’s Day 2021. At times, we were unsure if we were going to make it. We launched with 5 boxes: pamper, recovery, boobie, belly, and fancy. 

Here we are raising a glass- celebrating the launch double date style... and devouring a chocolate cake with our logo (a surprise from our partners). 

In Good Company Founders


Lights, Camera, Action! In June, we got featured on Seattle’s New Day Northwest. This sit down talk show was an opportunity for us to share about our boxes, but also some postpartum realness. Want to hear how one of us peed her pants at a Seattle landmark? Listen in

New Day Northwest + In Good Company



In July we noticed a trend in some of our purchases- they were coming from HR professionals to employees at their companies. Thus the Employee Gifting Program was born- with special pricing on our existing boxes or the opportunity to curate something unique and in line with a company’s culture, this new gifting program took off. 


Our flagship box- the Recovery Box- sells out.  We were so grateful for all of the new mamas that received this postpartum kit. 


In Good Company- Recovery Box


In September, we attended our first Women’s Entrepreneurship Event. This community has become something special to us and has already lead to some wonderful fellowship opportunities. A huge shout out to this incredible lady, Danica, who has welcomed us with open arms and created this opportunities for small businesses to connect with one another. This was the first time we got to share our business IN PERSON! 

In Good Company + Shannon and Christine



As we approached our six month anniversary, it was important for us to look at our mama base. Where were the new and not so new mothers that our IGC-ers were supporting? They stretched across 17 states. We also allowed users to customize their own box - because we listen and love feedback! 




A dream we had had one year earlier was coming true- our boxes were showing up at Baby Showers. And one HUGE way for us to ensure mamas could find us to add to their registries… was to integrate with Babylist. So after hours of coding (we did ourselves) you can now add our collections (or a giftcard) to your registry. 


In Good Company + Babylist


As we entered the final month of the year, we had a lot up our sleeve. Firstly, we wanted to launch a new collection- the Minis- perfect for stocking stuffers for mom or for ANYBODY. 

We also entered into a special collaboration with the Caylee Betts and her company- the Big Stuff. Caylee had been a resource for us as we built our website and we knew the Big Stuff’s Baby Bundle would be a perfect gift with purchase for our community. 

Thank you for being along with us on this ride- we're always just an email or DM away. :) 2022 here we come! 

In Good Company Founders

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